Migralex is the first OTC headache/pain medication to include Magnesium as an active ingredient.

• Caffeine free
• More effective and safer
• Easy on the stomach
• Targets source-mineral deficiency that triggers headaches/pains in first place

A few suprising facts about headaches:

There are 150 million people in the US who suffer from recurrent headaches; 35 million of them have severe headaches or migraines.

There have been no new headache brands introduced in 20 years (since the introduction of Aleve in 1994)

Only 29% of people with severe headaches are highly satisfied with their current treatment


DR. MAUSKOP’s MIGRALEX™ was created after 25 years of research and development by Alexander Mauskop, MD, a world renowned neurologist, leading headache expert and founder of the New York Headache Center.

It is specifically formulated caplets contain 500mg of aspirin combined with 75mg of buffering agent magnesium oxide. This patented process accelerates the absorption of the pain reliever and reduces side effects.

Dosage is 2 caplets every 6 hours; limited to 8 per 24 hours.


• Doctor-developed, patented formula
• A special rapid release formula for fast acting headache relief
• Relief from tough headaches – Strongest OTC combination
• Effective for tension, sinus, stress, eyestrain, & menstrual
• Does not cause “Rebound” or medication overuse
• Gentle on the stomach

Magnesium – Empirical Evidence:

According to Dr. Mauskop’s 1995 Study:
Half of patients with an acute migraine were found deficient in magnesium and had a dramatic relief of their acute attack with magnesium, according to Dr. Mauskop’s published report. He also reported in a peer-reviewed scientific journal that 40% of cluster headache patients had a deficiency and also responded to magnesium.

Opinion Leaders:

"Like Alexander Mauskop, I believe that magnesium can help – it relaxes arteries and muscles in the body, both of which can help with headaches."

– Dr. Oz

Dr. Mauskop:
"Considering that magnesium deficiency is present in up to half of migraine patients, and routine blood tests are not indicative of magnesium status, empiric treatment with at least oral magnesium is warranted in all migraine sufferers."

Doctor testimonials:

"Migralex represents a very thoughtful approach to treating headaches. The combination of magnesium which has a strong theoretical basis for migraine treatment with aspirin which is already familiar to most headache sufferers is likely to be a welcome addition to their therapeutic choices."

– Thomas Ward, MD, Dartmouth Medical School Headache Section Head

Benjamin Asher, MD – “One of America’s Top Physicians”, Consumers’ Research Council of America, NY, NY:
"I’ve had several patients with chronic headaches who’ve tried every possible drug without any relief for whom Migralex worked wonders."

Brian Loftus, MD – Texas Neurological Society Headache Section Head:
"I am impressed by the number of patients who prefer Migralex to triptans. I always recommend patients try Migralex for their headaches."

Dr. Victoria Wexley – Wexley Headache & Medical Clinic, Los Angeles, CA:
"I am very impressed with Migralex and wholeheartedly recommend it to my patients. Many of my headache patients report great results with it. It has a distinct advantage of causing fewer side effects, even when taken on an empty stomach. Migralex often works better than prescription drugs and is better tolerated."


Migralex™ is available at CVS and www.migralexbrands.com

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