Ember Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company whose primary focus is on utilizing Bone Morphogenetic Protein-7 (BMP-7) and related family of BMPs, mutants, variants, novel formulations, and delivery technologies to develop regenerative medicines for disease modification of osteoarthritis, reversal of insulin resistance, and the inhibition and reversal of organ fibrosis in diseases such as chronic kidney disease and Alport Syndrome.

We believe that BMP-7 represents a new class of therapeutics and may be transformative in the treatment of OA and organ fibrosis, with the potential to have a disease modification impact in OA and to reduce and reverse organ fibrosis-related disease, such as CKD and Alport Syndrome.

Ember Therapeutics, Inc. has the exclusive right to develop BMP-7 for the regrowth of cartilage, repair and reversal of fibrotic conditions in various organ related diseases, as well as diseases related to glucose metabolism.

Ember Therapeutics believes that it has built a strong position in the BMP-7 field, with not only a strong intellectual property portfolio, but also with a management team, board of directors and scientific advisory board with the experience and expertise in OA, organ fibrosis, therapeutic development and BMP-7 biology to maximize the potential of our company and our intellectual property.

Company Background:

Ember acquired over 450 patents and the rights to BMP-7 related research, and completed clinical trials and materials from Stryker Corporation. Ember has assembled a management team and a scientific advisory board with extensive experience in the study of osteoarthritis, organ fibrosis, metabolic disease, therapeutic development, and BMP-7 technology.